Chlorine and Chlorine di-oxide sensor cum transmitter

Chlorine And Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Transmitter

Real-time free chlorine measurement with FCL Series sensors from Sensorex

Sensorex’s FCL Series free chlorine sensors use amperometric measurement technology to provide highly accurate monitoring of free chlorine in process applications. FCL sensors are ideal for use in drinking water disinfection and distribution applications, and are compliant with EPA method 334.0 for measuring drinking water. They are also well suited for providing accurate free chlorine monitoring in cooling tower water, an important application for industrial water treatment system providers. For real-time free chlorine monitoring, FCL Series sensors interface directly with PLC, SCADA and other process control systems via the standard 4-20mA output. A specialized acrylic flow cell (FC72) is recommended to provide a controlled flow environment for measurement stability.

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  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece
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